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According to its producer, Don Hahn, One by One was originally developed a few years ago by Hunt — to date, Disney’s only African-American director — as one of a series of animated shorts based on various forms of “world music.” (x) (Please note, the article was published 2004, so I don’t know if there have been any other African-American directors at Disney).

The wiki page also states this series of shorts was to be collected under the never completed Fantasia 2006. Other shorts include a Russian “Little Matchgirl" (complete with the original Hans Christian Anderson ending) and Argentine tango-inspired "Lorenzo" (I saw this one at a film festival screening; it was dark and lovely and perfect :3)

It’s a shame, because looking at the shorts, Fantasia 2006 could have had some of the most striking material I’ve seen out of the studio yet. These shorts seem more striking and courageous than any of either Disney or Pixar’s recent films, in my opinion. Or even the “Paperman” short, which was sweet and nostalgic, but very “safe” in a lot of other ways regarding the story.

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